Sylvania was originally a private preserve, but is now part of the Ottawa National Forest.

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The Sylvania Wilderness Area is located due East of the Cisco Chain. The entrance station is only a 10 mile drive from Angler’s Isle on County Highway 535.

Sylvania was a private estate, with its 21,000 acres of forest and numerous lakes and ponds available to only an exclusive group of members. It is now part of the Ottawa National Forest and available to the public, with special regulations to protect its virgin forests and pristine waters. The only transportation though Sylvania is by foot, cross country skis, canoe or kayak. Its old growth forests and crystal clear lakes and streams make for fantastic wilderness experiences. Wilderness camp sites can be reached by water or by trails. There are over 25 miles of hiking and portage trials winding through the forest and along the many lakes and ponds. Sylvania becomes a paradise for snow shoeing and cross country skiing in the winter.

There is only one outfitter licensed for trips into the Sylvania Wilderness Area. They can train, outfit and plan hiking, camping and canoe trips so you can explore the raw beauty of Sylvania.






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